Systems of Practice

When it comes to self-promotion, I lose interest quickly.

I was going to post about these images last week, but other life events seemed more important.

So, what was going to be an in-depth commentary on how these images came about will be absent.

Simply, I am setting up systems of practice.

The included images are from one of my systems of practice: 24 days of drawing. December had one of the parameters set for me by an art challenge developed by art pedagogy.* The rest of my monthly entries will be set out by me. (January: natural material, Kari Woo‘s square pendant, an attempt at abstract interpretation of colour – moderate fail on that one: interesting.)

December 24 days of drawing. B. Wanhill 2021. Response to Art Pedagogy challenge. Mixed media.
January 24 days of drawing. B. Wanhill. 2022. Pencil crayon.

Whatever we do to try to be better at something, daily practice is always going to improve it. Nothing new there.

With whatever system you are currently practicing, I hope it is making you happy and helping you grow in new, helpful directions. I hope it is (mostly) daily.

* Okay, good thing I got down to writing this blog post – had no idea my image was added as an example to their site. Thanks Art Pedagogy! 🙂

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