Travelling light

The last few weeks I have practiced recording the way the light hits various parts of the garden. It has been a visually exciting exercise and a great way for me to reacquaint myself with my DSLR. I don’t use a tripod and use the stock lens. I like to keep things simple.

Lately, the bees and other pollinators have been especially active on the Veronicastrum, Agastache and Echinacea. I have all of these plants very close to each other and the bees fly back and forth doing what they do. It’s mesmerizing to watch.

This afternoon I was quite pleased with the resulting photos. Three of them were touched up in Photoshop, the rest are untouched.

It has been a summer of sporadic creative activity for me with a good stretch of daily morning garden work. It was just what I needed to feel like I’m recovering myself again.

All photographs, B. Wanhill. August 2022. Canon T3i.

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