Sticky situations


Diagnosis: Shoulder Bursitis. Pain can feel sticky. Yesterday: 8 hours on the computer for paid work. The day before that: 6. Last two days: the beginning of my holidays. Work feels sticky.

March 24 days of drawing: Rosthern Crabapple ink (which ended up being sticky – literally), Micron pen and water soluble pencil crayon. A bit of old Letraset (simultaneously sticky and not). I got stuck on the ink lines and didn’t know how to proceed. Some sketchbook drawing. Some days nothing. This tree has Fireblight. Was supposed to come down this past winter. Too much snow, too cold. March weather felt sticky.

Emotions feel sticky.

Now, the snowdrops are up (a possible reprieve from stickiness)(?).

24 days of drawing: March 1-24, 2023 (minus some days). approx. 15cm dia.. Mixed media. B. Wanhill
When ideas feel sticky, sketchbooks are helpful. Ink and pencil crayon. B. Wanhill. March 2023
Rosthern crabapple tree. March 12, 2023. B. Wanhill. Canon T3i
Galanthus nivalis. Annual sign of spring. March 25, 2023. B. Wanhill. iPhone X

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