When my dad died I didn’t get a chance to say good-bye. I didn’t get a chance to apologize for things I didn’t say or know how to say. I have regrets.

The last three years have been mentally hard. My work situation has been challenging. I have been working hard to work things out. I haven’t been easy to be around. I also know that I can be strong, creative, caring, and will figure it out.

To understand me is to understand that I have connections with my dad through the natural world. This little patch of nature I have created in our back alley reminds me of the large spaces we had as kids to freely roam. I am grateful to my parents for giving us that and so much more.

I miss those spaces and I miss my dad.

Solidago, Fragaria virginiana and Achillea have been joined by chives and Liatris. B. Wanhill. June 2022. Canon T3i
Sisyrinchium montanum flowers open in the sunshine and this plant is slowly making itself at home in the back alley.
Townsendia parryi has established itself at the back gate and spreads fairly easily by seed. It blooms in its second year.
Tragopogon dubius is not native to Alberta but has shown up to join a few dandelions and other common weeds.

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