Astrantia, digital play

In the mid ’90s I temporarily lost a contact lens while trying to focus my unblinking eye on a now forgotten object in a back alley in Kelowna. No tripod, a basic SLR Ricoh and determination to get as crisp a shot as possible. Another image for a class assignment… I did enjoy taking photos, not so much the darkroom.

Today: smudges on my glasses, one lens of my progressives better for seeing close-up than the other and an “old” Canon EOS Rebel T3i. No class assignment, a Saturday morning in the back garden, 30ºC and the elegant Astrantia. Thanks to the immediacy of digital, I’m practicing seeing through photography again. Light and shadow are marvellous aren’t they?

Astrantia major. All photos, B. Wanhill July 2022. Canon T3i

2 thoughts on “Astrantia, digital play

  1. Thanks for the time you took to capture the beautiful bouquet. It made my day. Flowers here are a bit bedraggled! ________________________________

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